The Effects of Green Tea Consumption on Cardiometabolic Alterations Induced by Experimental Diabetes (2012)

1 de dezembro de 2011 às 14:54

Autores: Patricia Fiorino, Fabiana Sant’Anna Evangelista, Fernando Santos, FátimaMariaMotterMagri, Jan CarloMorais O. B. Delorenzi, Milton Ginoza and Vera Farah


We evaluated cardiac autonomic modulation by heart rate (HRV), and arterial pressure variability (APV), and metabolic response in streptozotocin diabetic rats treated with green tea. Male Wistar rats were separated in groups: control, drinking tap water (C), green tea-treated (GT) group, diabetic, drinking tap water (D), and diabetic, treated with green tea (DGT). Kidney mass was greater in D and DGT than in C and GT, but reduced in DGT compared to D. Green tea prevented the increase in creatinine clearance and reduced hyperglycemia in DGT compared to D. Arterial pressure was increased in GT and decreased in D compared to C. HRV was reduced in D compared with all groups. APV was decreased in D compared to C and recovery in DGT. Sympathetic modulation of APV was decreased in D compared with all groups. Green tea reduced hyperglycemia, prevented renal injury and autonomic dysfunction, suggesting reduced cardiovascular risk and target organ damage in diabetes.